UFO Sighting in Bristol

© Mirror
Three video thumbnails showing UFOs

A swarm of mysterious lights has been spotted and filmed over Bristol in the latest in a string of UFO sightings. The orange blips were filmed gliding over houses in Hengrove by mum-of-one Kelly Maynard.

The intriguing footage was shared just days after a Bristol Post reader shared their theory that a BT tower in Purdown is a refuelling station for spaceships. A similar sighting was also recorded in January over Siston Common, near Mangotsfield.

“I looked up and there were several orange lights moving quite fast in the sky,” said 36-year-old Kelly, who shared the footage to a Facebook page called ‘The Universe’.

“It was about six or seven at night and I ran in and grabbed my phone. On my Facebook somebody said it was lanterns but then they saw the video and said they didn’t know what it was. I have never seen anything like it. I could not believe it. I’ve got no explanation for it, so it must be something mysterious.”

The video shows three orange blips moving through the sky, but Kelly said she actually saw ten to 15 of the unidentified objects before the camera started rolling. The footage was recorded on a Saturday night in January, Kelly said, but she decided to share it online this week in the hope of finding answers.




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