Thanks to you who have followed UAMA!

Well, the time has come.  UAMA is going to the great pearly gates in the Milkyway, and a very large and heartfelt thanks goes out to those few who decided to follow this blog.  The reasons are fairly few and simple.  We are all living at a time of great upheaval and change, on an economic level, personal level,  spiritual level – you name it.   At the same time, our planet is dying literately under our feet and it seems worrying about E.T.’s and their crafts needs to take a back seat.   Just a quick check it fact to anyone who reads….last report seen or heard on this,  made noise about the Great Barrier Reef of Australia being 50% dead.  To those who may not know or understand marine biology and biology , this is HORRIBLE news.  We here at UAMA are putting our focus back on the planet because we have major growing concerns that even having a planet could be an issue.  So, the decision has been made to keep our eye on the ground instead of the sky.   We will officially pull the plug in one week from now, so until then we will do our best to get as many interesting and breaking events as we can.  Again, thanks to all and your interest!


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