Pulsating Orb of Light Captured Creeping Over Scotland


On Saturday night around 11:00PM, Scottish UFO hunters with their eyes to the heavens noticed something a little weirder than your average hovering lights – they noticed a glowing orb with a pulse so bright it lit up the sky.

Yesterday morning SkywatcherScotland posted the video to their YouTube account, where they described seeing this “crazy object” as heading north by northwest in Midlothian, and quickly attached their nightvision monocle to the camera in order to capture the odd sight on video.

The short clip shows what appears to be a large glowing object moving quickly through the night sky, when suddenly the orb pulses so brightly that the resulting flash almost fills the screen. SWS kindly gives us a slow motion replay as well.

The question is, what exactly could the weird floating orb be? There is much speculation that the object is simply the flare from an iridium satellite, known for their highly reflective surfaces bouncing stray sunlight back to Earth. This could be a viable answer, but believers point to the fact that satellite monitors show no iridium flare activity in Midlothian, Scotland near that time frame.

You can check the video out below and decide for yourself, but SWS has already made up his mind, leaving this message to the visitors: “hello, we know you are watching..”

Thanks to  Who Forted? Magazinefor the feed.


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