Four Asteroids Buzz Earth in Single Week – An Asteroid the Size of a City Block & 3 Smaller

Published on Apr 1, 2013

The scary part about this one is that it’s something we didn’t even know about.’
Patrick Paolucci, president of the online Slooh Space Camera.
Members of Congress asked NASA White House and Air Force officials what they’re doing to combat the threat of near-Earth asteroids
“The answer to you is, ‘if it’s coming in three weeks, pray,'” space agency chief Charles Bolden said, in response to Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.), who asked what NASA would do if a large asteroid headed on a collision course with Earth was discovered today with only three weeks before impact.
“The reason I can’t do anything in the next three weeks is because for decades we have put it off.”
In the last 20 days, an asteroid the size of a city block and three smaller space rocks have zoomed safely by Earth, the latest demonstration that we live in a solar system that some scientists have dubbed a “cosmic shooting gallery.”
All four asteroid flybys occurred between March 4 and Sunday, March 10. The asteroids were also all discovered this month, some just days ago.


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