10/25/2012 — Hurricane ‘Sandy’ — over Cuba heading East/Northeast October 25, 2012

This is an original feed from Since Dutch or Dutch Sinse , and by original we mean he takes the time to research the information available (and sometimes finding some that is not so public) and then presents the information through his own efforts, not reblogs.  I have followed Dutch’s work for at least three years and assert this guy is for real.  I am very  happy to have Dutch’s feeds  featured here at UAMA,  and you can find his work on many other blog/web sites as well. At the bottom of this article is the Dutch Since icon link to check his site out directly. So, without further delay…

UPDATE 545am CDT 10/25/2012:

Currently, THREE of five storm tracks have been updated by the forecasting services to show a possible landfall of Hurricane Sandy somewhere in between Washington DC, and Boston Massachusetts

hurricane sandy


Tropical storm ‘Sandy’ quickly developed into a hurricane as it passed across the Caribbean — passing now over Cuba — heading towards Nassau and the Bahamas .

The storm should graze the east coast and south florida at first with some fringe storms extending from the long arms of this tropical low pressure system — most projected tracks have the storm making a turn northeast — heading back out into the north Atlantic ocean.

A few storm tracks show a “northeast usa” landfall…

use the links below to monitor this ongoing tropical storm / hurricane situation — for sure expect high tides, and large waves on the east coast.





hurricane sandy

hurricane sandy

hurricane sandy

headline: “Hurricane Sandy packs punch; U.S. could be next”


(CNN) — Hurricane Sandy churned over eastern Cuba early Thursday as a Category 2 storm with winds of 105 mph, slipping a bit in strength since making landfall, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

Along the U.S. East Coast, residents were told to be wary headed into the weekend.


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