This Just In : What are those lights in the sky??

The video below is an UAMA original, caught and shot  by one of the UAMA staff:

As it says in the video description, this actually is a special effects display at an air show just last week here in Southern California.  It is part of the “Twilight” show held at or just after sundown and features airplanes that have been fitted with giant sparklers.  As the Twilight part of the air show kicked off, a huge comet or fireball looking object  descended  towards the ground and then broke apart into 4-5 separate meteor/fireballs and then  disappeared. The video shows a great example around the 1:02 minute mark.  So if you have ever seen lights like these, it’s very possible there is or was an air show nearby.  Always check the obvious reasons first,  and if those fail then you might have a “real” U.F.O on your hands!  In this case as we dug a little deeper we found a logical answer.  I have to say this really had us going !


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