Biggest Quake to Hit Victoria, AU in 30 Years, 5.4 M – June 19, 2012

UPDATE: A MAN who lives at the epicenter of Tuesday night’s earthquake says he heard a loud bang and a crack and thought he was in a landslide.

Coalville resident Glenn Mason  thought a truck had crashed through a wall retainer.

“The house was shaking so much I thought it was a landslide,” he said.

“I was waiting for the truck to come through our lounge room.

“I just heard this trembling then a bang and a crack.

The magnitude 5.4 earthquake shook homes, cracked windows and walls, and threw residents from their chairs.

Millions across the state felt the tremor, which had an epicentre 16km southwest of Moe at Coalville, in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria’s east.

The quake struck at 8.53pm and lasted for 30 seconds, Geoscience Australia spokesman Chris Thompson said.
The earthquake has been upscaled to a magnitude 5.4.

Thompson also said it had bumped up the official magnitude at midday following extensive research and analysis.

“With all the additional data that wasn’t available straight away, we have decided to revise the magnitude to 5.4 today,” he said.

“Ruling a 5.3 magnitude overall would have been fine, but after more analysis it has just tipped over onto the larger side of the scale and it’s important for accuracy.

“It doesn’t mean the event was any bigger or caused more damage or anything; it just means it has just tipped that threshold.”

The revised ruling means last night’s quake was equal to the 5.4 magnitude earthquake which shook Wongungarra 30 years ago.

Interesting stuff here – many positive thoughts for  the folks in Victoria, AU and hang in there!


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