What was that?? Story of a First Sighting…

The first time I have memory of a sighting was in the  6th grade.  I was attending a private school in Sandpoint, Idaho and it was Halloween, 1981.  A school friend and I were out trick or treating  around 9:30 p.m.  We were walking through an empty sub-development lot,  when what appeared to be a very bright, doughnut shaped “star”  began to move independently from the other stars.  This immediately caught both of our attention as  moments before we had both commented on how clear the night was, and how easy it was  to see the stars and moon.  This doughnut “star”  made a  large square pattern   and then returned to its starting point. We were completely dumbfounded and mesmerized with curiosity and  disbelief.   Suddenly this doughnut “star”  took off  in a streak of light toward the  North East  and disappeared.  We proceeded quickly out of the empty lot and back to trick or  treating .  About the third house after this incident,  we relayed our story to the homeowner and asked if they had seen anything unusual.  Their response was boiler plate to say the least,  they of course had not seen anything out of the ordinary.  They were convinced we had seen a shooting star.  To this day my school friend and I are convinced what we saw actually was some kind of craft,  possibly military but  more than likely a non military U.F.O.( more on that in another article).  The picture shown is the  most similar I could find compared to what I saw back in 1981.  The video link is  from the NASA files 1996-1998.   Check out the link if you like, as it’s a very interesting ,  features David Sereda in the introduction,   and shows  incredible images of what I refer to as Ring or Doughnut  U.F.O.’s.


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